Back Stance

How to do a Back Stance


The back stance is a defensive stance and a very common one in Taekwondo. Like other stances, it’s important to perform it correctly both in poomsae and when sparring.

Tips on achieving a technically correct back stance:

👣 Your heels should be aligned and in an L-shape position (note that the diagram says the length is “3 foot length from origin” – we always describe this as “2 feet from heel to heel” – same, same).

👣 Your front foot should point directly forward whilst your back foot should be at a precise 90 degree angle.

👣 Your chest should be facing sideways from the target (pull your back shoulder round the back).

👣 70% of your body weight should be distributed over the back leg, leaving 30% over the front. This means that kicking off the front leg should be easy from this position.

👣 Make certain that your back knee is pushed directly over your back foot so that no extra pressure is added to the knee joint.

👣 There should be a slight bend in the front knee.

👣 Your back should be vertical so that your balance is centred and eyes are looking directly forward.

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