Sitting Stance
This offensive stance is another one of the core stances of Taekwondo. It’s tricky – there are many technical aspects to this seemingly straight-forward stance!
Tips on achieving a technically correct sitting stance:
🐎 Ensure your body weight is distributed evenly over both feet and your balance is central.
🐎 Your shoulders should be facing forward, parallel to the target.
🐎 Bend your knees and push them OUT so that the weight is directly above your feet.
🐎 Make certain that both feet are pointing directly forward and are not sticking out at an angle.
🐎 Keep your back vertical so that your balance is centred and your eyes are looking directly forward.

Students tend to get a little lazy with this basic stance. For the beginner and the seasoned student, we must remember how much strength we have in our core muscles.
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