kukkiwon logoFun fact … 👇🤓The Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo headquarters in South Korea which inevitably influences how we train at Swift Current Christian TKD) renewed their logo in March 2021 to reflect their commitment to world peace.

✌️🌎 The new Kukkiwon logo has pictograms of Taekwondo movements, embodying the organization’s firm willpower in pursuit of a broader world.

🌎 The images are placed within two circles which represent “Earth” and the “Universe”.

🌎 The “santeui makgi” or “open mountain blocks” on 8 different angles around the pictograms represent “One Family”, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion.

🌎 The writing “Kukkiwon. World Taekwondo Headquarters.” encircles the Earth and Universe representing Kukkiwon’s vision to reach all people beyond the horizon.

🌎 Each octagonal side symbolizes balance (“geon” meaning heaven and justice, “gam” meaning water and wisdom, “ri” meaning fire and fruition and “gon” meaning Earth and vitality) and represents an effort to communicate with international Taekwondo communities. Since its establishment in 1972, Kukkiwon has renewed its logo three times ― in 1976, 2005, and 2010.

🌎 Master Voysey’s former Grandmaster was considered a founder of modern day Taekwondo and has his bust in the Kukkiwon?

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