Here a Girl Guide learns the "pinky grab" to break free.

Here a Girl Guide learns the “pinky grab” to break free.

The local Girl Guides in Swift Current asked me and some of my students to come and teach their young ladies, self defense on Tuesday, January 22.

25 girls listened intently on the message of safety and awareness. The idea of safety in a small community should not be lost, simply because you live in a smaller community where everyone seems to know everyone. Safety and self defense are tools that both young and old alike should know and practice.

The Boy Scouts have a motto:” Be Prepared” and safety awareness is on of the things we all need to be prepared for.

We ran through some of the basics, like wrist breaks, bear hugs and the good old..foot stomp. We moved into more developed strategies as well and the Girl Guides learned quickly, albeit with a few giggles here and there!

Thanks again to Girl Guides of Swift Current to invites us and to the Girl Guides that earned their Badges that night!

To learn more about self defense, give us a call at 741-4652!



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