“Maddox is gaining so much confidence. Especially at school. He was very scared to take the bus or play with others kids.  He relies on Emmerson a lot. Over the last month I have seen lots of confidence for him. He goes on the bus no problems and he often plays with kids in his class.  I’m so proud of him.   

He still needs to work on self control often times at home he will have out bursts towards his brothers. 

I’m so proud of things he is learning in Taekwondo.  All the teachers are so patient with him.  He really enjoys going to class.  At first he wasn’t so happy to be going. Now he’s super excited for Tuesday and Friday.  

I hope for Maddox to have long jounery in Taekwondo.   

Maddox is also proud to tell him grandpa about Taekwondo. He used to do Taekwondo. He shows grandpa and they practice together when they each other.   

He also has two older cousins who he adores who do Taekwondo aswell. He looks up to them and wants to be like them.  

You run a great program 🙂 ”



Gaining Confidence
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