The Kama? What is it? I get parents asking me that question when I want to introduce it to new students for their Taekwondo weapons training. It isn’t as well known as the nunchucks or the Bo Staff, but it should be a part of every Taekwondo student’s tool kit.

The Kama is a martial arts weapon that our students often train with. 🔥💥

It has a history dating back at least as far as the 12th century in Okinawa, Japan. Once a mere farming tool, the Kama was repurposed for fighting and used by farmers to get around the weapons ban placed on them by the feudal government.

Its sickle-like appearance is no coincidence – it was originally used for cutting wheat! 🌾🇯🇵

Kamas are traditionally used in pairs. In basic forms, they are held toward the bottom of the handle and are used to defend against opponents armed with swords or other long reach weapons such as the Bo (staff).

A typical technique will involve blocking an oncoming strike with one Kama then using the other to counterattack. 

Our students love learning with this weapon. We use “kata kai” or kamas that have their blades dulled to prevent serious injury.

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