Kickstart Their Journey: 6 Weeks of Bonding & Taekwondo for Tots & Parents!

Embark on a delightful journey with your little one in our unique Taekwondo program tailored for tots aged 3-4. Together, you’ll explore the foundational steps of martial arts while addressing basic mobility challenges, all wrapped up in a bundle of fun. It’s more than just a class; it’s an experience of bonding, learning, and joy.”

  • Bonding Time: Engage in fun activities that bring parents and tots closer.
  • Mobility Mastery: Address and enhance basic mobility skills crucial for this age group.
  • Martial Arts Introduction: Dive into the exciting world of Taekwondo, tailored for tiny champions.

Kids will learn

Better Mobility:

In our Taekwondo program for 3-4 year-olds, we focus on enhancing crucial motor skills. Through playful martial arts techniques, we boost their balance, coordination, and agility, laying a foundation for confident physical growth


In our tailored Taekwondo sessions for tots, we cultivate more than just physical prowess. Through structured routines and engaging drills, we sharpen their listening and focus skills, preparing them for attentive learning and heightened awareness in all aspects of life.


In our vibrant Taekwondo classes, young learners discover the joy of camaraderie. Beyond martial arts techniques, they revel in fun-filled group activities, fostering social skills and building lasting friendships in a lively and supportive environment.

Space is Limited!


What ages can attend?

Ages 3 to 4 can attend these classes

Is there a cost?

Yes, the cost for 6 weeks is $150

Can Non-Members Come?

Of course! We feel everyone can benefit from these classes. We welcome everyone to attend.

Does My Child Have to Bring Anything?

Just a water bottle, comfortable clothes to exercise in and a willingness to learn.


Sessions are every Satruday. The next session begins October 21,2023