Empower Your Child: Join the Youth Safety Seminar Today!

In an ever-evolving world, the safety of our youth is our top priority. The Youth Safety Seminar is dedicated to equipping young minds with vital strategies that can make a world of difference. Here’s what we offer to our young participants:

  • Preparation Strategies
  • Prevention Strategies
  • Protection Strategies
August 25, 2023 1 – 3 PM


youth safety

Kids will learn

Preparation Strategies:

We delve deep into preparing our students for unforeseen emergencies. They'll learn about high-risk individuals and locations, how to craft safe lists and exit strategies, and even simulate 911 call scenarios to ensure they know exactly what to do in a crisis.

Prevention Strategies:

True safety lies in prevention. Our students are taught to maintain vigilance, both online and offline. They'll learn to recognize and address situations before they escalate, and to adhere to essential safety rules tailored for their well-being.

Protection Strategies:

We believe in proactive defense. Our workshop empowers students with the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves in challenging situations. From understanding to practicing basic self-defense techniques, we ensure every participant is well-equipped to safeguard themselves.

Space is Limited!


What ages can attend?

Ages 8 to 14 can attend this seminar

Is there a cost?

The two-hour seminar costs $35.00 per person

Can Non-Members Come?

Of course! Safety for youth is a community issue. We welcome everyone to attend.

Does My Child Have to Bring Anything?

Just a water bottle, comfortable clothes to exercise in and a willingness to learn.