Breaking Boards Breaking Chains


Did you know there are more humans in slavery today then in any other time in history? Oppression, violence and ongoing trauma plague countries around the world. 

On March 30 at 10 am, Swift Current Christian Taekwondo is joining forces with other martial arts students across Canada to participate in a fundraising campaign that helps fight back against these global problems and literally breaks the cycle of oppression. The campaign is Breaking Boards Breaking Chains. It brings together martial arts students for a public display of board breaking and raising awareness of the problems of violence and oppression around the world.

Swift Current Christian Taekwondo’s students are holding their event at Church of the Open Bible’s gym at 10am. Students collect pledges for boards they break, and 100% of the proceeds are sent directly to Martial Arts for Justice, a Canadian charitable organization that seeks justice for victims of violent oppression. 

Breaking Boards Breaking Chains has raised more than $200,000 since it started in 2013. The money has supported efforts to end modern-day slavery, rescue victims of human trafficking, and help survivors of the Rwandan genocide overcome trauma and begin to rebuild their lives.


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