How To Defend Against Knife Attacks

A common question I get, although I am not sure why people are asking is: “How to defend against knife attacks?” Has there been a big increase in knife attacks that I haven’t heard about?

People think that because I teach Martial Arts, when it comes down to self-defence, they think I am going to do this crazy flying through the air with feet pumping at the bad guy.

I do.

But seriously, one of the most often asked question I get is; “What do you do if someone attacks you with a knife?”

Well, then the black belt magic gets even funkier.

To see what you can do with practice: check out the video at:

A lot of “experts” will share with you “secret” or forbidden” knowledge to defend against a knife attack. Don’t fall for the scams. I have even videos online with the “instructor” telling the person with a knife up against their throats, that they can just turn their heads in the opposite direction! 

Seriously!? And people spend their money on that crap. Swift Current Christian Taekwondo teaches real-life self-defence that works and is easy to remember. But we do warn people, there is still a possibility you will get hurt! 

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