As a mom, you know that your child’s Pre-School and Kindergarten years are crucial for their development. That’s why it’s essential to enroll your child in a program that can help them grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Introducing the Chung Do Kids Taekwondo program, specially designed for children aged 4-7. With our program, your child can learn martial art skills that will not only keep them fit but also help them develop important life skills.

We understand the challenges that parents face in ensuring their child’s well-being. Our program addresses these challenges by focusing on teaching your child the benefits of good behavior, being their best at home, school, and social situations. By doing so, we aim to create better families and communities.

Invest in your child’s future today by enrolling them in the Chung Do Kids Taekwondo program. Watch as they develop into strong, confident, and disciplined individuals who can conquer any challenge that comes their way.

Features of Classes

Flexible Training Schedule

We offer a choice of training times. Parents can choose two of the following:

Tuesdays – 5 PM

Thursdays – 4 PM

Fridays – 5 PM

Life Lessons

Swift Current Christian Taekwondo teaches valuable life lessons, not just throwing out buzzwords. We help students realize with the help of their parents, the value of words like Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, and Self Control from a Christian perspective.

achieving goals

Goal setting is important to succeed in life. At Swift Current Christian Taekwondo, we help kids set their goals and achieve them! 

What Our Parents say