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Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.

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The Kama? What Is It?

The Kama? What is it? I get parents asking me that question when I want to introduce it to new students for their Taekwondo weapons training. It isn’t as well known as the nunchucks or

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Top 5 Reasons to Take A Fitness Kickboxing Class

Fitness Kickboxing -Top 5 Reasons to Join

Fitness Kickboxing Class – Top 5 Reasons to Join 1. Strengthen your entire body – Like swimming, fitness kickboxing classes are designed to be a whole-body workout. As a result, research shows that people that do

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Leadership Skills Can Be Learned

Learning Leadership Skills At Swift Current Christian Taekwondo, students (of ALL ages) are provided with multiple opportunities to develop leadership skills. Leadership skills allow children, in particular, to develop responsibility and the ability to make

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We offer Olympic Style Taekwondo from a Christian perspective. This means that the art and integrity of Taekwondo is maintained, and the belief system is Christian-based. 

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