petOne of the worst feelings, when you are being bullied, is the feeling of utter loneliness. That feeling where you think there is no one that cares about you, no one to talk to. I’ve been there. Done that.

Truth is, someone always has your back. You might not just know it yet because you have been too busy hiding in the shadows. It’s ok. The shadows keep you safe. But staying in them leads to another world you might not have the strength to face. A pet makes a great companion and friend. They love you, are always excited to see you and always like to hang out with their best friend.

Another benefit of having a pet is it can give you a sense of purpose when you don’t think you serve any purpose. Pets need your attention. They need to be played with, fed, waters, combed etc. So if you are feeling down and you have a pet, it’s alright to give it a hug. Unless it’s a snake. Then maybe give it a bug or mouse…

If you need a pet, consider adoption from a local shelter such as the SPCA here in Swift Current.

If a pet is unattainable right now, consider martial arts. Taekwondo is a great way to begin building confidence in yourself! Sign up for a free trial here:


Leave a comment, prayer request and try to focus on the better you that God knows you can be.

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