Taught in a fun, safe environment, this has helped families grow closer which builds stronger communities.

For ages 7 and up, all belt levels: The family program caters to youth, adults, families and kids ages 8 and up. With everything from the basics to advanced techniques, this class offers broad understanding of Taekwondo and an opportunity to exercise and be involved with other members of the community.

Features of Classes

Strength & stamina

Taekwondo helps build bodies into healthier and fitter people! Exercise at any age is beneficial to the body, mind and spirit.

Life Lessons

Swift Current Christian Taekwondo teaches valuable life lessons, not just throwing out buzzwords. We help students realize with the help of their parents, the value of words like: Courtesy, Integrity, Perserveance and Self Control from a Christian world view.

achieving goals

 Goal setting is important to succeed in life. At Swift Current Christian Taekwondo, we help people set their goals and achieve them!