In a world that wants you to conform, be different! 🤩

There are a lot of reasons Taekwondo might be a good match for individuals who learn and think differently:

🤜 You can work toward specific goals at your own pace. You earn a different colored belt or stripe every time you reach a new skill level. This can boost self-esteem and keep you motivated.

🤜 Routines are broken down into chunks. A technique or form in Taekwondo can have dozens of different movements. But, you can learn gradually, repeating and adding steps as you go. Eventually, you can put everything together into fluid movements.

🤜 There is an emphasis on self-control and concentration. Attention is central to Taekwondo. You have to stay focused to learn and to do the movements.

🤜 It helps with coordination. Doing Taekwondo movements can help you get a better feel for your body. This is particularly good for individuals who struggle with motor skills.

🤜 It provides structure. There are clear rules in the dojang and our instructors constantly reinforce them.

🤜 It’s a safe way to get out extra energy. It’s a myth that Taekwondo and martial arts, in general, encourage violent behavior. In fact, we often say that fighting is a last resort. At the same time, kicking and punching let individuals work out frustration or anger while practicing self-control.

🤜 It’s an accepting environment. Respect is a core value in Taekwondo. Individuals have to show it for their instructor and their peers. Negativity is generally not tolerated in class, and students are encouraged to support each other.

🤜 They’re cool. 😎 Individuals who learn and think differently sometimes feel awkward or out of the loop. But a lot of individuals (kids especially) think Taekwondo and martial arts are cool. It’s hard not to feel awesome when you’re wearing martial arts gear and breaking boards in half. Be different!

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