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Stayed home to avoid the cold? We’ve got you covered! Join Swift Current Christian Taekwondo now and enjoy two free Taekwondo trial classes.

Chung Do Kids

Watch your child thrive as they develop essential life skills such as focus, self-control, and confidence through our results-driven Taekwondo program designed specifically for 4-7 year olds. We understand the unique needs of younger children and have crafted a program that is both fun and educational.
Regular Price is $129.99

Beginner Program

Embarking on a martial arts journey? Look no further! Our Beginner Program is designed to provide a solid foundation in Taekwondo for those who are new to the martial arts world. Simple, straightforward, and incredibly effective, this program is perfect for anyone looking to dip their toes into Taekwondo without the commitment of a more intensive program.
Regular Price is $149.99

Discover the Dynamic World of Taekwondo This Spring! 🌸

Are your kids ready for a change this spring? While outdoor sports offer fresh air, Taekwondo offers a breath of fresh inspiration and challenge. Join us at Swift Current Christian Taekwondo in Swift Current for a spring season filled with growth, discipline, and excitement!

Why Choose Taekwondo Over Traditional Outdoor Sports?

Indoor Safety: Spring weather can be unpredictable. Taekwondo provides a consistent, weather-proof environment for your child to stay active, rain or shine.

🌿 Holistic Development: Beyond physical fitness, Taekwondo fosters respect, discipline, and self-confidence, equipping your child with skills for life, both inside and outside the dojo.

🔥 Energy and Focus: Our classes keep children engaged and focused, channeling their energy into positive growth and self-improvement.

👫 Community and Friendship: Being part of our Taekwondo family means connecting with peers and mentors in a supportive, positive environment.

🏅 Progress and Achievement: Taekwondo offers a clear path of progression, with belt levels that motivate children to set and achieve their personal goals.

Spring into action this season! Give your child the opportunity to try something new, challenging, and rewarding. Sign up today for our special introductory offers and become part of our Taekwondo family in Swift Current.

Let’s kickstart a season of growth and achievement together!