transformationAn essay on how Christian Taekwondo can transform our students.

What I would like to achieve in Taekwondo is to improve my Bo Staff and my one-step basic self-defence. My favourite thing to do is kicks and martial arts weapons.

My motivation to do martial arts is the fact that some kids are not able to defend themselves and when I couldn’t defend myself it felt terrible knowing that at any moment someone could walk right over and beat me up. I never want to experience that feeling ever again. I try to do my best so that I can rise up the ranks in Taekwondo so that I can protect people,(and myself), that cannot defend themselves. I want to feel I helped those who were in need whenever I could. I wish I could stop all the pain that someone is feeling, but I know I can’t. What I can do is whenever I see someone that is in pain, I will help them out as best as I can.

I started at Swift Current Christian Taekwondo just to learn self-defence but over the months it has transformed into a burning determination to show the world that they can not just push me around as they see fit. I want to show people that when they can’t stand up and defend themselves someone will walk out of the crowd and offer you their hand. I want to be that person. I want people to reach for my hand when they need help, whatever it may be, big or small, important or not. I don’t want to follow the flow.

I want to pave a brand new path that those in need can follow whenever they need help.

C. A. Age 11

I was very proud of this young man’s essay as this is what we try to inspire all of our students to want: The help those that are in need.

If this story from an 11 year inspires, leave a comment. I am sure he would appreciate it!

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