All camps are not created equal. Our summer camps are designed to create a fun experience that inspires powerful athletes.

Each camp includes fun challenges, team games, educational worksheets, kicks, acrobatics, forms combinations, weapons training and self defence/ sparring combinations. Our goal is to inspire the students to be martial arts athletes for life.

Ages for the 2028-2019 year are: 7-13

Believe Camp – July 15 to 19
Olympic Taekwondo Camp – July 29 to August 2

Features of CAMPS

Believe Camp

JULY 15-19
TIME: 9AM – 3 PM

Believing is something that is instrumental to your success. Believing in yourelf and in those who care for you are very imprtant to building self confidence. Picture yourself being what you want to be over and over, and have the confidence that you can do it. Continue to work on it until you reach the level you want to achieve. In order to achieve, you must believe.

Our Believe Camp focuses on teaching campers that they can believe in themselves by doing things they never thought possible.

Students will learn martial arts techniques and how to use a Bo Staff.

Olympic Taekwondo Camp


TIME: 9AM – 3 PM

The ULTIMATE in sparring camps! Our Olympic Taekwondo camp is designed to help our students reach the podium.

With one of the worlds most winningest coaches, Jean Lopez, our week-long camp will cover a multitude of sparring drills and techniques to make each camper a better competitor and or just better at recreational sparring.

This camp offers the latest in sparring drills and techniques and video analysis to improve your game.