How To Stop Bullying #4 – Puppy Time!

One of the worst feelings, when you are being bullied, is the feeling of utter loneliness. That feeling where you think there is no one that cares about you, no one to talk to. I’ve been there. Done that. Truth is, someone always has your back. You might not just

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3 Easy Tips to Make Depression Suck Less Today

Is your child struggling with depression during the COVID-19 lockdown? In this post, I’m going to share 3 tips on how you can help them. I was reading online where it was reported that there has been a 200 percent increase in hospital admissions for substance use disorders and a

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Sitting Stance

How to do a Proper Sitting Stance

SITTING OR RIDING STANCE – KOREAN COMMAND: “JUMCHUM SEOGI”This offensive stance is another one of the core stances of Taekwondo. It’s tricky – there are many technical aspects to this seemingly straight-forward stance!Tips on achieving a technically correct sitting stance: Ensure your body weight is distributed evenly over both feet and

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Jab punch

How to do a Jab Punch

The “JAB” punch is a commonly used technique in kickboxing and our fitness kickboxing classes. It’s quick and meant to be used when you are in close proximity to an opponent.    Start in fighting stance: feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart with the left foot in front. Put your

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Back Stance

How to do a Back Stance

How to do a Back Stance BACK STANCE – KOREAN COMMAND: “DWITKUBI” The back stance is a defensive stance and a very common one in Taekwondo. Like other stances, it’s important to perform it correctly both in poomsae and when sparring. Tips on achieving a technically correct back stance: 👣

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Bo Staff strikes for beginners

How to do a strike with a Bo Staff Bo Staff Strikes for Beginners. A lot of martial arts students want to know ” How do I strike with a Bo Staff?” We’re going to look at two basic strikes, but first is how do we hold a Bo staff? Generally, we like to call it the rule

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Back fist

How To Do A Back Fist

How to do a Back Fist. The BACK FIST is often used as an exercise in our Fitness Kickboxing classes. It’s also a very effective strike. ✊ It is one of the fastest hand techniques available, as it uses a snapping motion rather than a thrusting one, (like most other

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knife attacks

How To Defend Against Knife Attacks

How To Defend Against Knife Attacks A common question I get, although I am not sure why people are asking is: “How to defend against knife attacks?” Has there been a big increase in knife attacks that I haven’t heard about? People think that because I teach Martial Arts, when

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How to tie your belt in Taekwondo

Learning how to tie your belt in Taekwondo isn’t always easy, but hopefully, this will help.   Did you know …Mathematicians calculate that there are 177,147 ways to knot a tie, but there are very few ways to tie a Taekwondo knot? The belt (dhee in Korean) is tied in a

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5 Fitness Tips Every Full-Time Working Mom Must Try

5 Genius Fitness Tips Every Full-Time Working Mom Must TryWhy Every Working Mom Feels Short On Time Most Of The Time. Lifehack.orgWorking moms struggle with a lack of time more than most people do. From getting the kids ready for daycare or school to making sure they are safe and sound, every waking

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how to do a kip up

How To Do A Kip Up

Learning how to do a kip up is challenging to new students. A kip up should be a part of everyone’s ground game. If you fall and the attacker doesn’t come at you, (if he does come at you, be sure to join our Hyper Bully Defence System to find

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