Encouraging Children To Continue Taekwondo

How to Make Taekwondo Irresistible for Kids: 3 Key Strategies

Introduction Discovering the art of Taekwondo can be a transformative journey for children, offering them not just physical prowess but also mental discipline and emotional resilience. But how do you keep the flame of motivation burning bright in their hearts, especially when the novelty wears off or when they face

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Using Taekwondo Training To Combat Stress

Beat Stress Now: 7 Taekwondo Techniques That Work

Beat Stress Now: 7 Taekwondo Techniques That Work Stress and anxiety are modern plagues, casting shadows over our daily joy. As we navigate the ebb and flow of life, finding solace becomes essential. Enter Taekwondo: not just a martial art but a pathway to peace. In a world where quick

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Safety Tips for Taekwondo Sparring

Safety First: 5 Vital Tips for Taekwondo Sparring Beginners

Taekwondo, a Korean martial art characterized by its head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques, is a practice that embodies both physical prowess and mental discipline. Sparring, a key component of Taekwondo, is an exciting way to apply techniques in a controlled combat situation. However, for beginners,

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Taekwondo Strikes and Kicks for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Taekwondo Strikes and Kicks: Beginners Edition

Taekwondo Strikes and Kicks for Beginners Welcome to the exciting world of Taekwondo! As a beginner, you’ve embarked on a journey that combines discipline, physical fitness, and the mastery of powerful strikes and dynamic kicks. In this article, we will guide you through the fundamental Taekwondo strikes and kicks for

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Beginner Taekwondo techniques and forms

Master the Basics: Beginner Taekwondo Techniques and Forms Made Easy

Beginner Taekwondo Techniques and Forms Taekwondo, a Korean martial art known for its dynamic kicks and fluid movements, offers a multitude of benefits for practitioners of all ages and fitness levels. If you’re new to the world of Taekwondo and eager to embark on this exciting journey, understanding the fundamental

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Taekwondo stances and footwork

Mastering the Art: Unleashing the Power of Taekwondo Stances and Footwork

Taekwondo, emphasizes the mastery of various techniques, and stances and footwork play a crucial role in its practice. These fundamental elements provide the foundation for executing powerful strikes, maintaining balance, and moving swiftly during combat. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of Taekwondo stances and footwork,

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martial arts and bullying

Help Your Child Overcome Bullying with Martial Arts

Bullying is a pervasive problem that affects millions of individuals each year. It is defined as intentional aggressive behaviour that is repeated over time and involves an imbalance of power. While many people are aware of physical and verbal bullying, there are other types of bullying that are equally harmful

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taekwondo classes near me

10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Taekwondo School for Your Child

As a martial arts instructor with years of experience in teaching Taekwondo to children, I understand how important it is to choose the right school for your child. Taekwondo offers many benefits for children, including improved physical fitness, self-confidence, discipline, and respect for others.  However, not all Taekwondo schools are

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Teaching Children to Respect Themselves and Others

Teaching Children to Respect Themselves and Others

Teaching Children to Respect Themselves and Others Respect is a fundamental value that should be instilled in children from a young age. It’s not just about showing good manners, but about developing a healthy sense of self-worth and empathy towards others. In this post, we’ll discuss the link between self-respect

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flying side kick

The Ultimate Guide to the Side Kick in Taekwondo

Are you looking for a powerful and effective technique to add to your Taekwondo arsenal? Look no further than the side kick! As one of the most versatile and dynamic techniques in Taekwondo, the side kick can be used to deliver devastating strikes and defend against opponents. In this comprehensive

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Body Block

How To Do An Inside Body Block

LEARN How to Body Block Like A PRO! In Taekwondo, the body block (or Momtong Makki) should move along a straight line across the chest. The wrist of your blocking arm should be straight, the angle of your blocking arm can range from 90-120 degrees, and you should keep your

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develop self control

The Complete Guide to Self-Control and How to Develop it

What are the Benefits of Having Strong Self Control? Self-control is the ability to regulate one’s emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. It is a crucial part of mental strength and can be considered a superpower. Advantages of strong self-control: – Helps people to take charge of their lives – Helps people

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taekwondo training

How To EASILY Improve Your Front Kick

The front kick is a fundamental move in Taekwondo and is often one of the first techniques taught to beginners. It is an essential part of any practitioner’s arsenal and can be used in self-defense situations or in sparring matches. Proper Form and Technique To execute a front kick, you

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learning charisma

The 3 Best Ways to Develop Charisma in Kids

What is Charisma and How Can We Develop it in Kids? Charisma is the ability to attract and charm others. It is the secret weapon of a leader, the force behind a team, and the power that makes people want to follow you. Some of the qualities that make someone

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How To Stop Bullying #4 – Puppy Time!

One of the worst feelings, when you are being bullied, is the feeling of utter loneliness. That feeling where you think there is no one that cares about you, no one to talk to. I’ve been there. Done that. Truth is, someone always has your back. You might not just

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3 Easy Tips to Make Depression Suck Less Today

Is your child struggling with depression during the COVID-19 lockdown? In this post, I’m going to share 3 tips on how you can help them. I was reading online where it was reported that there has been a 200 percent increase in hospital admissions for substance use disorders and a

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Sitting Stance

How to do a Proper Sitting Stance

SITTING OR RIDING STANCE – KOREAN COMMAND: “JUMCHUM SEOGI”This offensive stance is another one of the core stances of Taekwondo. It’s tricky – there are many technical aspects to this seemingly straight-forward stance!Tips on achieving a technically correct sitting stance: Ensure your body weight is distributed evenly over both feet and

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Jab punch

How to do a Jab Punch

The “JAB” punch is a commonly used technique in kickboxing and our fitness kickboxing classes. It’s quick and meant to be used when you are in close proximity to an opponent.    Start in fighting stance: feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart with the left foot in front. Put your

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Back Stance

How to do a Back Stance

How to do a Back Stance BACK STANCE – KOREAN COMMAND: “DWITKUBI” The back stance is a defensive stance and a very common one in Taekwondo. Like other stances, it’s important to perform it correctly both in poomsae and when sparring. Tips on achieving a technically correct back stance: 👣

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Bo Staff strikes for beginners

How to do a strike with a Bo Staff

https://youtu.be/NDIo-i703g0 Bo Staff Strikes for Beginners. A lot of martial arts students want to know ” How do I strike with a Bo Staff?” We’re going to look at two basic strikes, but first is how do we hold a Bo staff? Generally, we like to call it the rule

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Back fist

How To Do A Back Fist

How to do a Back Fist. The BACK FIST is often used as an exercise in our Fitness Kickboxing classes. It’s also a very effective strike. ✊ It is one of the fastest hand techniques available, as it uses a snapping motion rather than a thrusting one, (like most other

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knife attacks

How To Defend Against Knife Attacks

How To Defend Against Knife Attacks A common question I get, although I am not sure why people are asking is: “How to defend against knife attacks?” Has there been a big increase in knife attacks that I haven’t heard about? People think that because I teach Martial Arts, when

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How to Tie Your Belt in Taekwondo: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learning how to tie your belt in Taekwondo isn’t always easy, but hopefully, this will help.   Did you know …Mathematicians calculate that there are 177,147 ways to knot a tie, but there are very few ways to tie a Taekwondo knot? The belt (dhee in Korean) is tied in a

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5 Fitness Tips For Working Moms – A Must Know

5 Fitness Tips Every Full-Time Working Mom Must Know 5 Genius Fitness Tips Every Full-Time Working Mom Must Try: Fitness Tips for Working Moms As a full-time working mom, it can be a real challenge to take care of your physical health. However, exercise is a crucial component of staying

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how to do a kip up

How To Do A Kip Up

Learning how to do a kip up is challenging to new students. A kip up should be a part of everyone’s ground game. If you fall and the attacker doesn’t come at you, (if he does come at you, be sure to join our Hyper Bully Defence System to find

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