Learning how to tie your belt in Taekwondo isn’t always easy, but hopefully, this will help.  

Did you know …
Mathematicians calculate that there are 177,147 ways to knot a tie, but there are very few ways to tie a Taekwondo knot?
🥋 The belt (dhee in Korean) is tied in a square knot.
  • When the belt is tied, the square knot forms a triangle (you’ve heard us say “fortune cookie”) pointing to the left. The knot is always placed in the centre of the body.
🥋 Belt tying is a ritual and should not be done randomly.
  • As you tie it, the up and down movement of the belt reminds us that there is always a “hard” and “soft” in martial arts. A push and pull, if you will.
  • When you are ready to secure the knot, you pull it tight. This reminds us to have an indomitable spirit, be strong and never give up.
  • The knot and its placement ultimately represent the spirit and being “centered” as a student – focused and ready for your upcoming training session and/or competition.
🥋 Both belt ends should hang evenly.
  • This symbolizes the balance of the physical and mental aspects of Taekwondo and reminds us to seek perfection and improvement with everything we do.
🥋 Your name (in the case of black belt) and your rank (including stripes) should be on the right side.
  • The general rule for most things in Taekwondo is that the right side is considered “dominant” and “fixed,” whereas the left side is treated as “submissive” and “compliant.” When we line up, the lower ranks are always to the left, and the rank of the person next to you is in plain sight (as displayed on the right side of their belt).
As you can see, it’s important to take the time to tie your belt properly – there is meaning and intention behind it!


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