Jab punch

The “JAB” punch is a commonly used technique in kickboxing and our fitness kickboxing classes. It’s quick and meant to be used when you are in close proximity to an opponent.  1f44a.png

 Start in fighting stance: feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart with the left foot in front. Put your hands up to protect your face, tuck your elbows down, keep your chin down, and make sure your hips are above your feet.1f44a.png

 Transfer your weight forward and jab. Whatever foot is forward is the hand you’re jabbing with. The jab is a punch that comes straight out. As your hand comes forward, your body’s weight should come forward at the same time.1f44a.png

 As you jab, rotate your hand so that your palm is face down. Think of it like a slight corkscrew motion – there’s power in the twist! Your rear hand stays near your chin the entire time to protect you.1f44a.png

 As soon as your fist reaches full extension quickly step back and snap your arm back to starting position.

Common mistakes: Be sure to keep shoulders pressed down away from ears and elbows tucked in at sides of ribcage. Avoid leaning forward.  1f4aa.png

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