Learning how to do a kip up is challenging to new students.

A kip up should be a part of everyone’s ground game. If you fall and the attacker doesn’t come at you, (if he does come at you, be sure to join our Hyper Bully Defence System to find out what to do), you can apply this  technique, the kip up.

  1.  Start with laying flat on your back.
  2. Pull your legs up to your chest
  3. Put your hands flat on the ground close to your ears.
  4. Rollback so legs are over your shoulders.
  5. Kick legs straight up into the air, (Do not kick at an angle)
  6. Push with your hands as soon as you feel the momentum of your body beginning to move upwards.
  7. Land in a squat.

The Ginger Ninja makes it look easier than it is, but practice makes perfect!

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