You and nine friends are invited to celebrate your birthday with us!

At the party, you can expect to have fun, run around and sweat a little with:

* A mini Tae Kwon Do lesson

* Noodle tag

* Dodge ball

* A game called “Helicopter”

* Nerf-gun wars

* Races

* Special requests

Food includes:

* Two large pizzas

* Drinks

* Chips

* Veggies and dip

* Goodie bags to take home

All parties are facilitated by a Tae Kwon Do instructor, who is Safe Places certified and maintains a valid First Aid certificate, and an assistant. Decorations are included (Tae Kwon Do theme) and will be up when you get there. Each party is two hours long.

Interested in joining us? All you need to do is book a date, pay the $250 fee (plus GST), and bring your own cake and candles. If you want to invite more than nine friends, each additional guest is $25. Register today at: Birthday Parties