Summer Camp

This summer, come be legendary!

All camps are not created equal. Our summer camps are designed to create a fun experience that inspires powerful athletes. Each camp includes fun challenges, team games, educational worksheets, kicks, acrobatics, forms combinations, weapons training and self defence/ sparring combinations. Our goal is to inspire the students to be martial arts athletes for life.

Honor Camp

Honor is having an attitude of high respect and to think highly of yourself and others. Honor can be an attitude of privilege that a person shows when they are proud to be a part of  of honor, or a standard, which is as a guideline for them to follow through their journey in life.

Our Honor Camp focuses on teaching campers that they can believe in themselves by doing things they never thought possibble.

Students will learn how to use the Bokken (Training Sword)

Daily Devotionals

Hand stands, Cartwheels, Handsprings, Kicks!!

This camp runs from July 9-13
Ages 7-12

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Be Legendary Camp

A Legend is someone who is well known, looked up to, inspiring, unique, skillful, a winner and talented. They are so good they are considered famous for who they are and what they can do. Reaching “Legendary” status is combination of skills, demonstrations and character.
Our Be Legendary Camp focuses on teaching campers that Legends are everyday people and that status is a combination of skill and character.

Students will learn how to use the Double Nun Chux!
Daily Devoitionals
Hand stands, Cartwheels, Handsprings, Kicks!

This camp runs from August 13-17
Ages 7-12

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