Bringing a friend to taekwondo is a great way for your friends to experience  martial arts in a fun way. Every month we offer a great opportunity for you to have a friend come and learn something new and gives you as a student, a chance to “show off” some of your skills as well!

During our Bring a Buddy week , your child has the opportunity to play games and learn a little about the values that we teach at our facility.  

By using “Black Belt” as a metaphor for excellence, we are able to teach the character development traits of respect, self-control, and determination in a way that gives students a desire to excel.  This means that students are striving toward excellence in everything that they do inside and outside the Taekwondo school. Parents love the improved focus, self-discipline, and confidence, and the students love the fun classes.

We are committed to providing our students and families with the very best in martial arts training, life skills training, and customer service.  We are the South West’s most elite martial arts training facility.