Sparring Weekend: Fill your toolbox!

Sparring Weekend: Fill your toolbox!

November 18th and 19th,  Swift Current Christan Tae Kwon Do is pleased to have Michelle Keith from Artisan Taekwondo in Regina come and teach our students how to improve their sparring skills.

Michelle is a certified DC Coach and N1 Referee with Taekwondo Canada and Taekwondo Saskatchewan, a PATU Certified Poomse Referee, Kukkiwon 4th Dan, and an intrepid volunteer at the Provincial, National, and International Taekwondo levels.

Committed to Saskatchewan’s Long-Term and High-Performance Athlete Development Programs, she began working with National and Internationally acclaimed coaches in 2009 to bring the best practices and programming back to Saskatchewan and continues into her 21st year in the sport with the same energy and enthusiasm as her first class in 1996.

The architect of the Saskatchewan Hanmadang and Taekwondo Conference, author of a goal setting guide for taekwondo athletes, owner of a dojang in Regina, Sk, proud wife of an International World Taekwondo Referee, and mother of a daughter who has inherited her rambunctious nature, Michelle envisions a bright future with ever-growing goals for her athletes, her team, and her family.

The weekend will be broken up into Junior and Senior (ages 8+)

  • Juniors: For students that want to improve their skill set but not interested in competing. 
  • Seniors: For students that have competed or would like to compete.

Cost for the 2 days are as follows:

Juniors: $50 – SATURDAY ONLY