Taekwondo - GuemgangSwift Current Christian Taekwondo had seven competitors secure silver and bronze medals in the Dan-Do Online Poomsae Nationals – a tournament that focused on poomsae, or defined patterns of defence and attack motions, and was open to all Canadian Taekwondo practitioners.  

“This competition provided another opportunity for our students to shine and put Saskatchewan on the Taekwondo map,” said Head Instructor of Swift Current Christian Taekwondo, Gary Voysey. “They did very well and each student is steadily improving – their hard work is certainly paying off.”

Results for the recreational poomsae categories were announced June 30 and include:

  • Callie Ebner – silver
  • Tate Unger – silver
  • Carlos Marques Peralta – bronze
  • Emmett Hardenne – bronze
  • Ethan Klassen – bronze
  • Kya Yates – bronze
  • Marlee Sebo – bronze

Judging for the competition was led by qualified Canadian national and international poomsae referees from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. The competitors’ performances were recorded and uploaded for review. “The pandemic has required innovation with respect to competition,” explained Voysey. “Dan-Do Sports, which is based out of Montreal, did a remarkable job organizing and executing this online tournament.”


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Carlos Marques Peralta secured a bronze medal in recreational poomsae at the Dan-Do Online Poomsae Nationals – a tournament open to all Canadian Taekwondo practitioners. 

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