Provincial Tournament 2017

Saturday April 1st saw Swift Current Christian Tae Kwon Do send 18 competitors to Regina for Provincial Competition. While many of our students competed solely in the sparring completion, we saw n increase in those wanting to participate in the Poomse (forms) part as well.

As a coach, instructor and school owner, I am super proud of each and every individual that entered the ring to compete. It takes a certain level of courage and our students had it in abundance.

Congratulations to all who competed. Here is an unofficial medal count for our school ( If you see any of these students, give them a high five!)



Brooklyn Hir Silver
Leanne Ebner Silver
Tyneka Hir Bronze
Shania Tschetter Silver
Kieran Jacobs Silver
Quinten Hir Silver
Kurtis Nicholson Silver
Jordyn Hir Bronze
Annastasia Voysey Silver
Emilie Jacobs Silver
Austin Evans Gold
Karl Engen Bronze


Kurtis Nicholson Bronze
Emilie Jacobs Bronze
Austin Evans Silver
Ashlyn Evans Gold
Karl Engen Silver
Shania Tschetter Silver

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