Is Taekwondo Right for Your Child?

Kids learn Self Defence in Taekwondo

Kids learn Self Defence in Taekwondo

There are many great reasons and benefits to joining Swift Current Christian Tae Kwon Do.

Whether you want your child to gain self confidence,be more active or learn self defense, Swift Current Christian Tae Kwon Do provides a safe environment to teach your children this self defensive art. Our goal is for all students to feel safe and supported by their instructors and classmates. We encourage a non-competitive, constructive, and cooperative attitude within our classes.

The potential benefits of Taekwondo training for your kids are.

Quite simply. Enormous!

Lets talk physical fitness. Weight control. Increased concentration span. Learning respect for others.

All while your children are having fun!

Firstly. It’s great to see fit children.

Many of today’s children are overweight. Because they are inactive, spending more and more time playing video games than running around playing outside. Children are meant to exercise. To run. And jump. And get out of breath.

In our classes the kids enjoy the physical exercise.

We strive to keep the classes energetic and most importantly fun! And they want to keep coming back for more!

The physical training allows young boys to let off steam. They love kicking and punching under controlled conditions. But they also learn about self-control. And how Taekwondo has to stay in the Dojang.

What about Taekwondo for girls?

Being fit and healthy gives girls a positive body image. And learning to face confrontation and fear and powering through wooden boards develops self-esteem and self-confidence.

Children training in Taekwondo get physically and mentally stronger. Which helps them in daily life. Taekwondo kids learn complicated movements. Which help their concentration and memory. And they learn to coordinate their bodies.

Children in Taekwondo learn discipline. They learn to do as they are asked. And they gain the self-discipline to keep going when training is tough.

Another of the benefits of Taekwondo for children is that there is great emphasis on respect. And courtesy. Taekwondo kids learn to respect their instructors. Respect each other. And in time they learn to respect themselves.

They learn to be polite to everyone. Even people they may not like. Which we think is a great skill for them to take with them into adult life.

Our Taekwondo students also learn the power of perseverance.

They learn that if something is difficult, it is worth achieving. We teach that perseverance is learning patience, to never, never give up!

Children in Taekwondo, begin to have a greater sense of self confidence and self-esteem. From shy, or awkward kids to ones that have been bullied, we teach them that they are someone special, created by God.

Why is that good?

People with high self-esteem are less likely to get involved in destructive behavior like drug taking or alcohol abuse. And that quiet assured self-confidence means that they are less likely to be bullied at school.

If you want to learn more or to see if Taekwondo is right for you or for your child, please fill out the form.

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